Get Hot Water When You Need It

Set up an appointment for water heater repair in Sherman, TX

Are you tired of waiting minutes at the sink or shower for hot water to finally arrive? If your water heater isn't able to perform when you need it, get swift water heater repair from your local plumber. Dodson Plumbing provides water heater repair, installation and replacement in Sherman, TX.

Our common repair services include:

  • Replacing thermocouples or gas control valves
  • Changing out elements or thermostats
  • Fixing circulating pumps

We work on all water heater brands and models. Call us today for a free estimate.

Choose the right water heater for your needs

Choose the right water heater for your needs

Traditional water heaters typically last 15 years before needing a replacement. Dodson Plumbing offers a wide variety of models for water heater installation. Choose from a selection of traditional and tankless water heater systems to meet your performance and budget needs.

We can also install comfort system pumps to reduce water waste and provide you with instant hot water for sinks, showers and tubs. Speak with us today at 972-363-9978 to learn more about water heater installation.