Put a Stop to Dangerous Gas Leaks

Reach out to us for gas leak repair and gas line installation in Sherman, TX

Does your home or business rely on natural gas for heating and cooking? While natural gas can have a number of incredible benefits, leaks are always a serious concern. If you believe your gas line is leaking, contact Dodson Plumbing right away for gas leak repair. We have over a decade of experience working with gas lines in Sherman, TX.

In order to safely complete your gas leak repair, we will:

  • Pressurize the gas line and watch for any obvious drops
  • Isolate the gas line from the meter to find the leak
  • Repair the leak with the utmost care

If you smell rotten eggs, hear a hissing sound or have noticed dying plants on your property, a gas leak is likely. Reach out to us immediately for repairs. Call 972-363-9978.

Tap into natural gas

Tap into natural gas

Does your home or business have access to public gas service? Trust Dodson Plumbing for gas line installation. We can safely route your new line from the meter directly to your appliances. Installing the gas line properly from the start will help you avoid costly repairs and issues in the future.

Our gas line installation service will typically take two to three days to complete. You can also reach out to us for sewer and water line services at 972-363-9978.